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Aluminum silicate fiber mat
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Ceramic Blanket
2013-03-10 13:33:41
Product details

Production equipment   : "Even the financial and even blowing" multi-machine conjoined aluminum silicate felt pipeline  

Production process 
Aluminum silicate fiber felt, flint clay as the main raw material in the melt, the wire (the wire process of adding an appropriate amount adhesives), curing chamber for curing, and cutting steel. The whole process is controlled by PLC, forming a product. 
Product Features 
1, low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity. 2, has a good heat-insulating and sound absorbing characteristics. 3, excellent chemical stability and thermal stability. Main specifications density: 80-130kg/m3 thickness: 15-50mm width: 400, 600, 1200mm length: can be customized according to user requirements. Divided into different uses: aluminum silicate fiber blanket rolls, aluminum silicate fiber flat felt. 
1, industrial furnaces and heating devices, high temperature pipes lining the walls. 2, high-temperature chemical reaction equipment and heating equipment lining the walls. 3, construction, fire protection, thermal insulation. 4, welding work pieces and irregular metal castings insulation to eliminate stress. 5, the furnace door insulation roof insulation, glass furnaces. 
Technical Specifications 




Aluminum silicate fiber blanket roll  

Aluminum silicate fibers Ping felt  

Volume density (kg/m3)  

120 ± 5  

130 ± 5  

Fiber diameter (um)  



Permanent linear shrinkage rate (%)  



Temperature for 24 hours  

(1000 ° C)  

(1000 ° C)  

Shot content (%) phi> 0.21mm 



Hot surface thermal conductivity (w / mk)  

0.034 (20 ° C)   
0.096 (400 ° C)   
0.132 (600 ° C)  

0.034 (20 ° C)   
0.095 (400 ° C)   
0.132 (600 ° C)  


Classification temperature

Ordinary aluminum silicate fiber cotton 1100 ° C

Standard aluminum silicate fiber cotton 1260 ° C

High-purity aluminum silicate fiber cotton 1260 ° C

Type aluminosilicate fiber cotton 1360 ° C

Zirconium-aluminum silicate fiber cotton 1360 ° C

Containing zirconium silicate fiber cotton 1430 ° C

The characteristics of the fiber cotton

Without lubricants, untreated, low shot content, fiber blowing fiber-forming process to produce excellent raw material of the filler material of the high-temperature furnaces and vacuum forming products, fiber coating, fiber paper。

Production process and product characteristics:

Ordinary aluminum silicate fiber cotton, hard clay clinker as raw material, resistance furnace melting, blowing or spun into fiber process from production。

High purity, type aluminosilicate fiber cotton, synthetic materials of high purity alumina silica powder as raw material. The resistance furnace melting, blowing or spun into fiber process from production.

Containing zirconium silicate fiber cotton, synthetic high purity alumina silica powder and zircon sand as raw material, resistance furnace melting, injection, or thrown silk fiber-forming process from production.

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