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Since 2012, squeezed by the upstream raw material prices and the downstream product price, Shandong Jiahe Refractories Co。, Ltd。, in the face of the grim situation, the workshop further mobilize the workers to carry out "high-yield shelf to fight the market, energy efficiency Paul target labor competition activities to increase production diluted costs, improve quality to seize the market, leveraging labor competition Paul plant operating goals.
The workshop will yield, quality, profits, safety contest indicators down to every level, wide publicity to mobilize workers to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the workers involved in the competition。 Workshop workers divided into two shifts, race mud Preparation Quality, race forming efficiency, LDK security service capabilities。 And do a good job the whole process of production control and management and protect the raw material off the mold assembly off, semi-finished molding off six mark, tracking management. Week informed the progress of labor competition, coordinate and solve coke sand substandard workers to the overtime meal inconvenient to ensure that the contest anterograde。 Equipment maintenance officers seized good equipment maintenance services, the timely completion of the repair task, saving time for the contest. Quality inspection personnel in the contest strict checks to ensure that nonconforming product comes off the production line. And periodic summary monthly contest, selected the winning machine and contests advanced individual and site awarded the Commendation of labor competition, Phi Hung wounded in action, motivate workers courageously rushed to complete the contest goal.
Since April, the workshop also received the production and export of 2,000 tons of silica brick bricks, 10,000 tons 2.1 million tons of the Western District of Baotou Steel coke oven silica bricks, 30,000 tons of clay brick quality carbon furnace brick three arduous task. Among them, the large amount of silica brick production duration tight, exported to Japan silica brick standard requirements, security product coke oven silica brick delivery time requirements of emergency, while completing three tasks very difficult. The face of difficulties, workshop issued a the labor competition mobilization order, called on all employees to carry forward the spirit of arduous struggle, the the tough winning security tasks to complete. Production line staff a reasonable allocation, crack deployed to enrich the molding machine, sub-white, night shift production of export products。 In the production process, in the face of customers repeatedly adjust production standards, the workshop has organized a surprise labor spray of semi-finished products, to achieve the high standards of the user. Overcome difficulties through concerted efforts, the workshop successfully completed a number of guaranteed production tasks。


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