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At present, China refractory continuation of the momentum of price shipping. In a tough market environment, the structural adjustment of the mode of production and sales, to enhance the credibility of the industry, reduce transaction costs, has become the refractories business first-class tasks, according to monitoring domestic refractory industry weakness is hard, the composite price index continued to fall, and decline slightly expanded. In the case of the lack of growth in demand, refractory most businesses continue to reduce product shipments.
     In recent years, in addition to slowing demand for refractories, refractory products price index to continue down not only significantly increased wage costs and finance costs continued to grow rapidly. The same time, the refractory industry is also facing serious difficulties, declining profit margins, high-end equipment imported high disadvantage is the dominant factor refractories industry is facing difficulties.
  Now a growing number of observers believe that the refractory supply and demand "cold tide has come, to maintain high growth will be difficult to continue, the imbalance between supply and demand, the refractory industry must make adjustments strategies to deal with. When most refractory manufacturers are still prospects for the future headache, network marketing strategy has quietly stuck his head.
 Optimize the industrial layout. Accordance with the mineral resources planning and policy requirements, to enhance the integration of resources, optimize the configuration of refractory clay, magnesite and other mineral resources, and promote resource utilization of large-scale, intensive, higher prices for better quality excellent. Shandong and other resource-rich, good industrial base region to create new industrialization demonstration base. Should be in line with the principle of "stability, integrity, in accordance with objective laws, integrity management, establish brand awareness, and promote the transformation of the traditional model.

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