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The king towns and villages refractories industry research report

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In accordance with the region to carry out "to break the shackles, strive first to achieve economic development of a new leap forward" Great minds discuss activities to implement the views of the requirements, Wang towns refractory enterprises in the area thoroughly research further to find out the status of the development of the industry, Advantages and Problems, focus analysis refractories industry in the future development direction, objectives and measures, research now reported as follows:

    First, the development status and advantages

    (A) the basic situation. The formation and development of the king of towns and villages refractories industry, originated from the provincial government established in the late 1950s the bauxite of entries and Shandong second refractories plant, the two companies was Zibo City, the largest flint mine and fire. material manufacturers; development and prosperity after the reform and opening up, Wang towns rely on the abundant mineral resources, convenient traffic conditions and two provincial enterprise technology market advantage, after 30 years of development. The local refractory enterprise can flourish rise, and gradually formed the current ore mining, calcined flint clay, refractory products, unshaped refractories and special refractory products and series, become the province's largest and domestic well-known Al-Si refractory raw material production base.
山东嘉和耐火材料有限责任公司     Up to now, the enterprise business registration Wang towns 248, the registered capital of 344.5 million yuan, of which 118 refractory and its related supporting businesses with a registered capital of 193.33 million yuan, the number of enterprises registered capital accounted for 47.88 of the total town % and 56.11%. In 2010, the king of towns and villages 80 above-scale enterprises, refractory enterprises reached 52, an annual output of 1 million tons of refractory materials, of which 150,000 tons of high-quality silica brick, clay brick 70 tons, 100 thousand tons of monolithic materials, 50,000 tons of other products; refractory materials with an annual output of 1 million tons, including flint 92 million tons, 80,000 tons of purple stone and quartz stone. Town refractories employed 1.02 million people, the sales income of 5.07 billion yuan, profits of 600 million yuan. The entire refractory industry output and benefit occupy the king towns and villages economic dominance, reaching two-thirds of the town's industrial economy.

    (B) development advantages. Wang Rural Development foundation and advantages of the refractories industry mainly in the following aspects: First, the supply of raw materials. Of entries within the existing clay, flint, quartz, purple stone, and other kinds of mineral resources, which have been proven flint reserves of 80 million tons, the soft clay reserves of more than 30 million tons, Pu Thai underground mining 5 of mining enterprises, the designed annual mining capacity of 39 million tons. The granddaddy adjacent Zhangqiu, zichuan and other urban areas also hard clay and soft clay resources, has long been a stable supply of raw materials of entries refractories industry producing areas of cooperation. Second, the initial formation of industrial clusters. King aluminum resistance, eight three as the backbone, the king towns refractory manufacturers all over the western part of the town, 20 villages, forming a more famous at home and abroad refractories industry cluster is the province's well-known refractory raw material producing areas and distribution center, the industrial town, with the advantages of scale. Third, product types and specifications. Grade refractory to several hundred dollars per ton price of 10,000 yuan per ton, a few million or even more than ten million ordinary brick, standard brick argon gun, stopper rod, nozzle, castable refractory products specific type, varieties and complete specifications, different levels to meet market demand. Fourth convenient transportation. 309 State Road, Highway 102, glue Wang Lu, Quan Wang Lu, Jinan-Qingdao railway transportation routes throughout the town, specially equipped the granddaddy railway freight station, Shandong resistant, aluminum king the two refractory Enterprise also has a railway line convenient transportation conditions, the ability of product distribution. Technical advantages are obvious. Alumina, two resistance provincial enterprises after decades of development, culture and created a number of senior professional technical and management personnel, in addition, the surrounding area of ​​the city and Jinan Metallurgical Refractories, silicate industry, many institutions transport a large number of technical professionals, but also for the the granddaddy town refractories industry development. 6 is a mountain of steel refractories the base located wangcun brought a historic opportunity for development. In October 2010, the Shandong Iron and Steel Group, Shandong Refractories Co., Ltd. headquarters and production base is located in the granddaddy, plans to "Twelve Five" period to invest 10 billion yuan, the formation of 100 tons of refractories production capacity in the wangcun region, where the new The increased refractory production capacity of 600,000 tons, more Wang towns to speed up the development of the refractories industry, bringing a historic opportunity.

山东嘉和耐火材料有限责任公司    Second, there is the problem

    On the basis of a correct understanding of the development status and advantages, we have a clear understanding, Wang towns refractories industry overall level of development and advanced areas still exist many gaps, mainly in the following aspects: First, the industry overall grade ordinary refractory products total is too high, and the technical level is not high, a larger proportion of high-quality, energy-saving, long life, less environmentally friendly products, some high-tech, high value-added products is still in its initial venture period. Refractory extraction of raw materials, processing and marketing of poor coordination, regional resource development and utilization is not high enough, purchased raw material dependence is increasing year by year, the basic raw material for flint industrial upgrading urgent need to accelerate the pace. Enterprise low-level redundant construction continues, some small and medium backward production technology and technical equipment, low management level and product quality assurance system is not perfect, poor quality and stability, poor working conditions of labor, high consumption of resources and energy, environmental governance needs to be further improved. Fourth, the low level of industrialization, although king towns refractory industry experience from extensive disorderly development towards increasingly standardized development process, but also not really form the backbone enterprises as a leader, using the backbone of enterprise technology, brand, market advantages to drive extend the industrial chain before and after stretching the development of the situation, other enterprises and backbone enterprises lack of cooperation in the development of consciousness. Fifth refractory industry of qualified personnel to be further strengthened to exclude professional technical and management constraints of the shortage of talent, the degree of emancipation of the industry was not enough, especially the part of the director, the manager there is a status quo does not seek improvement, small achievements that Man, content with the idea, the lack of certain large enterprises, the major cause of dry courage, ability and sense of innovation, and the age of the decision-makers and senior management of the backbone enterprises generally too large, secure transfer of personnel, a smooth transition impact future development of crucial urgent factors.

    Third, the domestic refractories trends

山东嘉和耐火材料有限责任公司    Future for a long period of time, high temperature industry occupies an important position in China's national economy will continue to 10 industry revitalization plan formulated by the state, low-carbon development planning and energy saving and environmental protection policies have far-reaching impact on the development of high-temperature industrial significance. Control the total elimination of backward production capacity, the adjustment of industrial structure, technology to optimize the upgrading and industrial integration is the future direction of the development of high-temperature industrial, energy saving and environmental protection and recycling economy has become China's high-temperature industrial development of the basic guiding ideology. High-temperature industrial development and changes in the direction of the development of the refractory industry will have a significant impact, which will greatly promote the stable and sustainable development of the refractories industry in the future and new technologies, new technology development and application of new materials, which is refractory industry rare accelerate technological innovation, adjust the product structure of opportunities for development. In addition, as the refractory material to improve the quality and application of technological progress, refractory consumption will gradually decline, the total market demand will be maintained at a certain level, the market competition is more intense. To adapt to the reduction trends, refractory enterprises must eliminate backward adjustment of product structure and increase the technical optimization and upgrading, improve service levels to enhance the core competitiveness, but also to increase market integration efforts, improve industrial concentration, enhance product competitiveness.

    For the refractories industry development trend in the future for a long time, the king towns and villages refractory industry development ideas should be: control (decrease) in quantity and improving quality, expand the scale and optimize the structure, increase efficiency, and create a brand, environmental protection and energy saving , take the road of sustainable Green Refractories, focusing on the development of energy efficient refractories, efficient functional refractory materials, environmental protection and ecological refractory material, while optimizing resource allocation, improve refractory efficient use of resources and low-grade resources after fire material utilization, integration of existing refractories industry resources, promote industrial technology integration innovation, new materials and other emerging industries oriented low-carbon economy, expand the industrial new fields of application, the refractory industry to promote technological innovation, product restructuring and merger and reorganization to improve the core competitiveness of industrial products.

    Fourth, the development direction and goals

山东嘉和耐火材料有限责任公司    (A) the direction of development. Thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, their resources and industrial advantages, based Hill Steel Group refractories base integration development requirements, relying on Shandong Refractories brand and leader-led, aiming for refractory cutting-edge science and technology to improve the capability of independent innovation as the main line, the first Create Al-Si refractory base, to promote the granddaddy refractory industrial structure optimization and upgrading and structural adjustment, expand production scale, increase the number of varieties, improve product quality, adhere to high scientific and technological content, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, good economic returns, strong core competitiveness, basic advantage into full play of new refractory road of industrialization, the rapid development of co-ordination, refractory industry to achieve the development of a new leap forward.

    (B) for development. Product development orientation, identified seven categories of key products, including Al-Si refractory, continuous casting refractory, flint and stone mullite, magnesia raw materials and products, carbon products, special-resistant products, unshaped material, vigorously develop longer, more energy-efficient, non-polluting, functional new green refractory products, focusing on the development of the field of low-carbon energy efficient high temperature thermal insulation of monolithic refractories, unshaped refractory production planning to 2015, Wang towns accounted for more than 40% of the total output of refractories in 2020 to reach more than 60%. The same time, we must target to meet the requirements of target markets, to adapt to the new requirements of the iron and steel enterprises for engineering services for the iron and steel enterprises in the production and supply of consumables, from design, construction, suitable for process monitoring, inspection, unpacking to refractory recycling take advantage of the new service delivery model, expanding market share at home and abroad.

    (C) the overall goal. In 2015, Wang towns refractory production capacity doubled, reaching 200 million tons; sales to double to 100 billion yuan; built the largest province of Al-Si series refractory base, into the national regional fire-resistant material base 5. 2020, Wang towns refractory production capacity reached 300 million tons, sales income reached 150 billion yuan to build the province's well-known high-grade refractory materials production base, into three regional refractory base before.

    Fifth, the development of measures

    (A) the scientific development of the base development plan, optimize the industrial layout. Based the town domain Refractories resources and industrial advantages, high-grade refractory material base development plan to further develop the perfect granddaddy, the base is divided into three industrial zones, mountain steel grade refractory base industrial area, high-grade refractory industrial area and refractory warehousing integrated logistics exhibition industry area. First, the mountain of steel grade refractory base industrial area to the king aluminum, along both sides of the Quan Wang Road, planning and construction area of ​​1,500 acres, focusing on the mountain of steel grade refractory base construction, at present, Shandong Refractories Co., Ltd. invested 197 million yuan of annual output of 200,000 tons of high-grade refractory production line project has been started; grade refractory industrial area in Baoshan Road, Quan Wang Road and State Road 309 enclosed area, planning and construction area of ​​800 acres, the industrial zone project to include Green refractories "environmental protection and comprehensive list of magnesium carbon brick, magnesium and calcium brick, magnesium aluminate spinel, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide and steel-making continuous casting functional refractory and refractory fiber and other six categories of products as the focus, hard to develop, promote a variety of high-quality energy-efficient monolithic materials, the development of a variety of high quality and efficient thermal insulation refractory; refractory warehousing and logistics exhibition industry area, 309 State Road, king Aluminum railway freight line and plastic road surrounded regional planning and construction area of ​​1,200 acres of industrial area for the production of refractory materials enterprises to provide logistics and transport warehousing services-based refractory enterprises in more than 30 million yuan of sales revenue as the main body, and gradually built a centralized exhibition area, to provide enterprises with a comprehensive exhibition , business negotiations and other services, to achieve the goal of "no exhibition area, state purchase refractory products".

    (B) improve the supporting infrastructure construction, optimization of management services. In accordance with the planning and layout of the development of the base, to further refine the functional orientation, in accordance with the short, medium and long-term goals of the plan requirements, do a good job of land planning and implementation of the plan targets, good base, water, electricity, roads, gas and other infrastructure the planning and construction to ensure perfect infrastructure. Optimize the tracking service into the base project construction, into the base project for unified management, unified and coordinated, unified service, improve efficiency, shorten the project construction, commissioning and deliver time. "Twelve Five" during the planning and construction of additional 110 kV substation, central heating (gas) station a natural gas pipeline network "full coverage" project basically completed.

    (C) the adjustment and optimization of the capital structure, vigorously implement the leading driven strategy. Establish the "Capital management" concept, carefully selected a number of key leading enterprises of Shandong Refractories, Xin resistance, Kerry and political Thai companies give priority support, and guide the factors of production to the backbone enterprises set to inspire new projects, large expansion passion and creativity, and give full play to the leading role of key enterprises, encourage and guide the town between enterprises play their respective advantages, asset restructuring and optimization and integration, the implementation of low-cost expansion, the rapid expansion of businesses and industrial scale, specialized production and industrial management, to foster the formation of a number of large-scale, high-grade products, driven by strong leading refractory enterprises as soon as possible.

    (D) pay close attention to the construction of key projects, efforts to achieve the sustained growth of the industry. Project construction as the starting point, to strengthen the coordination of services, improve procedures, speeding up the construction progress of key projects to ensure early completion of the project, early production, early results, and strive to cultivate new economic growth point. Give prominence to the mountain of steel refractory base a project investment of 200,000 tons of high-grade refractory Beijing to reach an annual output of 50,000 tons unshaped refractory, Zibo Lu Shenggong, Secretary to produce 50,000 tons of acid products, Zibo political Thai years production capacity of 5 million tons of aluminum-silicon products in the construction of the proposed project's construction and efforts to promote, increase in project size, project to promote adjustment of a comprehensive enhance wangcun refractory base size and grade level.

    (E) actively implement the strategy of "Green Refractories, to create their own brands. In accordance with the variety and quality of the quality of the resources and energy savings, sound standards of environmental protection, the use of links of the production process, the use of state-of-the-art Green Refractories production technology and processes, the development of high quality, energy-saving benefits of waste, comfortable, healthy , ecological products, and actively nurture and guide enterprises to create their own brands, bigger and stronger characteristics of the brand, and constantly improve the the king towns and villages refractory industry competitiveness in the market.

    (6) to speed up the training of the R & D capabilities, optimize the industrial structure. Actively support the formation of enterprise technology centers and engineering research and development center, to speed up product development, promote the improvement and optimization of the refractory product structure adjustment, adhere to the market demand-oriented, moderate control of the S & P-type total production of refractory materials, adapt to the downstream industry product structure adjustment and technology development requirements, accurately grasp the product positioning, efforts to develop and expand the market shortage of varieties of production, improve the level of efficiency of the sector, promote the refractory industry from low-end to high-end, to the advantages of scale advantages, by primary products to high-tech, high value-added products change. "Twelve Five" period, Shandong Refractories Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the relevant institutions, through the combination, the establishment of the Technology Center of Shandong Refractories.

    (7) increase the energy saving efforts and take the road of sustainable development. Adhere to sustainable development and the circular economy concept, highlighting the refractory raw material resources development and utilization, focus on improving the flint industrial upgrading, support and guide enterprises to adopt mineral processing, and synthesis of new technology utilizes waste sludge and low grade ore production of high-quality synthetic refractory raw materials, support for R & D with refractory recycling technology to improve the products after recycling rate. Increase the refractory industry backward production capacity out of the efforts, equipment upgrading and transformation, the use of new technology, new equipment, and constantly improve the level of production automation, modernization and industrialization of the town refractory industry, and take the road of sustainable development. "Twelve Five" period, the implementation of energy-saving "Reform push" project in the town refractories industry, namely the implementation of the industrial furnace energy saving, the machine pressure system energy saving and promoting the use of clean fuel based natural gas.

    (8) to expand foreign exchanges and cooperation, and enhance industrial and enterprise market influence. Wang towns refractory enterprises with a more positive attitude, and continuously improve the level and quality of cooperation with foreign countries, adhere to the "going out" and "bringing in" and to attract foreign enterprises to invest in the granddaddy refractory base, combined with domestic refractory industry policy adjustment and the refractories business transformation, relocation implemented into the technology, management, marketing and funding, to achieve win-win cooperation, and continuously improve the influence of Wang towns refractory industries and enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets.

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